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The Scratcing Post Interview!

I went to boonieville...urm..i mean newmarket and we saw Scratching Post! well actually we never did get ot see them play, we just got to interview them at some scary resturant with a nice patio!

Mark: So you live in Newmarket
Andrea: No way!
Laura: I do...
Mark: This place is like a restaurant, at 9 o clock it turns into a bar.
Nicole: it is?
Mark: So says the manager guy...
Nicole:I get to meet my internet friend here tonight. (nicole makes typing gestures with her hands...:)
Mark: You always do that eh..
Nicole: I went on a chat thing last night. geocitines and itw as really stupid... this guy kept writing "I gotta go pee" there were like 30 people and only one person was talking.

Andrea: urm..ok questions... the enclave just went under so what are you guys doing now?
since this interview scratching post is officaly no longer on the enclave
Mark: Its not gone under
Nicole: It's still barely
Mark: The label, EMI wants to shut them down, but they're fighting, so they might get absorbed into EMI. We might go on virgin in the US but we're not sure.
Nicole: If it stays then our new album (the same as the old, but with added song) will come out. Because they have like x amount of dollars that htey have to put into records they have out now, like the sloan record.. And afer that the money runs out they you ahve to re-assess the situation and figure out..whatever...we don't really understand it. So we might have to find a new record deal we might not. BUt it's been two months of waiting.
Mark: We are trying to make some backup plans. WE don't want to be screwed after the end of two months and then we're righ tback where we started from like a year ago with nothing to show for it.
Laura: What's oging to happen to the new album if you don't have a label?
Nicole: Stress!!
Mark: We'll see

Andrea: What happened to Bryan?
Mark: He quit
Nicole: It's pretty weird cuz phill joined the next day. But he did quit.
Mark: He said it was more like working cuz he had to do the renting and drinving and stuff.
Nicole: We've learned not to say things about him though. It was actually really funny cuz last night i learned how to search newsgroups so i found all this stuff that he posted about us.
Mark: Like what?
Nicole: Oh jus tabout like "I have six copies f the o ld scartching post cd..." So he ows us $82. Off the record...yeah he quit..

Laura: When you play in bars do you have uh...problems?
Nicole: Like you mean guys? THe worst was like last summer at country county. there was like the land of budweiser just all these gross disgusting camping people.
Mark: in cut off jeans.
Nicole: That was the worst. I was playing and they said "show me your cookie". And then we play with rusty and you get like "nice tits". I've just gotta come up with better retaliation lines, so they'll look stupid instead of me.
Andrea: Have you ever played a dirty bar wher ehtey throw beer bottles at your head?
Nicole: Not yet, but I'm sure we'll get that somewhere when we tour the US.
Mark: Like the Southern States
Phill: Like Mustang sally's
Mark: THey like us there though
Nicole: burnines townhouse in Sudbury is a bit scary though
Mark: A lot scary
Nicole: There are these big guys with raccoon hats.
Laura: I had a raccoon pet before.
Phill: Did you call it ricky?
Laura: NO , Alex...

Andrea: What are your favourite tv shows?
Mark: Antique road-show (ed note-this show rawks, have you seen the one with the lady who brings in the 4 tiles that she bought for about a dollar each at a garage sale and they are really worth 2 thousand dollars each!!!! why can't i find tiles like that!)
Nicole: Ready or Not

Andrea: What makes you guys insane?
Mark: Nothing makes me insane. Everything makes Nicole insane.
Nicole: EVERYTHING!!!What's my latest?....The enclave...And veruca salt!!! I'm so worried about veruca salt last week, yeah, cuz i know we're gonna get compared to them for the rest of our lives
US: HUH? veruca salt?!?!? you don't sound like that at all! That's like Nirvana and Sloan. whatever!
Nicole: good! What, nirvana and sloan? who said that?
Andrea: Everyone! MAgazines etc...
Nicole: That's pretty weird, I've never seen that

Andrea: Are you guys doing another video?
Nicole: Everything comes back to the enclave
Mark: Our record will come out it's just a matter of where and when.
Andrea: Squirtgun's not giving you the big bucks?? :)
Nicole: No well, we don't have anything anymore. They are just good friends we're oging get involved with him (mr. lee squirtgun man) in a different level, helping him out.
Laura: Wasn't squirtgun going to be a part of EMI?
Nicole: No but he was going to get distribution through them

Laura: How did you guys get Peter Rowan (halifax pop explosion founder, cool guy who smiles a lot :) ) as your manager?
Nicole: You guys know all the dirt! We opened up for Eric's trip in London, Peter was there and saw the show and liked it. Then he invited us up to do the halifax pop explosion. So we did itand once we recorded the new record he really liked it so the rest is history.

Andrea: How did you end up on squirtgun?
Nicole: Lee called us. He'd seen some shows and he liked the old record
Laura: I think i've heard that it's like orange and black
Mark: Copper.
Nicole: Its bad really bad..
Mark: She is the only person left in the band from that record
Laura: I heard that you burned all the extra copies of that.
Nicole: No! nah. Our bass player's g/f is selling them over the internet. can we talk about our ex bass player's g/f?
Andrea: Sure...(we talk about his g/f) Do you guys live in Toronto now?
Mark: Nicole lives in Markham, he lives in London (i can't remember which one he is..), he lives in oshawa and I live in Pickering so...
Phll: We don't live anywhere..
Andrea: So where do you guys practice?
Mark & Nicole & Phill- Ajax

WE then have a long discussion about the super goatz and learn how bad they are (the super goatz are a bad that is made up of mitch roth and lee maslin and some more>?)

Andrea: I can't picture lee maslin playing guitar!!!
Nicole: He is awesome!
Mark: they have 50 songs

Andrea: Are you guys going to do a new cd sometime soon ?
Mark: we might end up doing a new record
Laura: Do you have enough songs to do that?
Nicole: Nope, but we're the kinda band that needs deadlines and then we'd get some new songs.

Andrea: Do you have any cats?
Mark: I have two cats. We all have cats except for nicole, she has no cats.
Nicole: I hate them! The cat people are taking over the universe! I like dogs

Andrea: Who is the kid at the end of fame thrower?
Nicole: old bass player's daughter.
Andrea: does she wear cow clothes too? (the old bass player wore this yucky cow vest all the time)
Nicole: She's crazy, she is like 6 and she is..
Phill: A disturbed little girl
Nicole: She comes up with all these titles like "Skeleton of god..." she's scary..I wonder why!!!!

ANdrea: Did you ever have any sea monkeys?
Mark: I had some when i was a kid!!!!
Phill: YOu are a sea monkey!
Mark: I put the stuff in and they just floated to the bottom.
Nicole: They're like little bugs or something...
laura: They eat each other!
Nicole: That's weird
Mark: It's like a bug in a bean
Nicole: do they put the bug in the bean?
Mark: No it lays eggs or something.

From here the interview tends to driff off into the unknown but it was such a fun interview!! thanks SCRATCHING POST!! you rule the school..urm..ok not rule the stage..yup yup :)

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